The First Conscious Connections Foundation Annual Report is here!

Hello All!


2016 was an action packed 12 months with the small volunteer board of CCF working on many fronts to achieve what initially looked to be impossible. With the help of donors, and many volunteers from both Nepal and the US, Conscious Connections Foundation confronted a huge, unexpected disaster and provided valuable services to help thousands overcome the devastating impact of the April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. CCF delivered earthquake relief in addition to our “normal” work of providing rural health care and educational opportunities for children who otherwise would not be able to attend school. Together, with your help, we’ve done a lot!

Yet central to CCF’s mission is a dedication to transparency and accountability to all those who have a stake in the programs we carry out. To this end we are proud to announce the unveiling of our new and extensive 2016 report, which describes the work undertaken by CCF over the past year. This report marks the first installation in what will be an annual report describing the work undertaken by Conscious Connections Foundation over the course of the calendar year. Within is a history of the projects undertaken, a description of the impact they have had on the stakeholders involved, and a full description of the next steps which are being taken to ensure sustainability and efficacy of the programs.

Make sure to check out both the full report here!

Many thanks for all of your help and support over this past year, and looking forward to the many that have yet to come!

Namaste from all of us at CCF