In 2015, CCF established a channel that allows for fundraising and work that goes beyond the scope of our mission. The trigger for this decision was the massive earthquake that happened in Nepal on April 25, 2015. CCF was compelled to respond and engage in immediate disaster relief. With 35 years of history in Nepal, it was not only our responsibility but a necessity for us to help our partners during this time of need.

Nepal is a dynamic country, but it remains extremely vulnerable in many aspects ranging from economic to geographic. In the future, we are certain that other needs will arise requiring action. This project-based work will carefully be reviewed by CCF’s Board of Directors, discussed with our partners in Nepal, and voted on. Money for these efforts will come from our general fund, so as to be mindful of donors’ wishes contributing to our specific programs. As always, transparency will be our priority.

CCF’s Nepali Earthquake Relief


From solar lights and blankets to reconstruction efforts and food, CCF brought hope and help to thousands.