Earthquake aid provided by CCF often came weeks or months BEFORE larger relief agencies reached these villages.

Millions of Lives Changed
in an Instant

On Saturday, April 25th, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal. Followed by another devastating 7.3 earthquake that hit on May 12th. The country experienced more than 200 aftershocks ranging between 4.5 and 6.6.

Over 9,000 people were killed in Nepal and over 22,000 received serious injuries. The United Nations estimated over 8 million people were affected.

Many of the most severe losses occurred in the more remote villages of Nepal which are scattered among the Himalayas and approximately 2.8 million people were displaced. Widespread damage to buildings, roads, and other public infrastructure was left in the disaster’s wake.


evaluation report

This report outlines the effectiveness of the disaster aid provided by CCF in Nepal after the earthquake and investigates the relationships between small-scale aid organizations (CCF) and larger International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs).


The Problem

Though there was an incredible show of support from the international community towards the people of Nepal in the weeks following the disaster of April 25th, much of the aid promised and/or available was not initially distributed effectively and efficiently.

This was largely due to two factors.

One, many of the most damaged villages are remote and nearly inaccessible by road and two, the Nepali government does not possess the infrastructure necessary to handle such a catastrophe.

As such, larger, multinational organizations such as Red Cross, USAID and even the UN, who had to pass through this complex bureaucratic process, were unable to provide much needed immediate aid.


Our Solution: Fair Aid

Relief for the people of Nepal came in smaller packages from Fair Aid Foundations including CCF that are based on relationships, individual connections, direct impact, and partnership. We partnered with Nepali citizens and local NGO’s and as a result:

  • Supplied over 200 families in multiple villages throughout Dhading District with food and shelter within 10 days of the initial earthquake and over 1850 families within 30 days.

  • CCF fed each family (of 4) at a cost of only $20/month.

CCF and partners provided immediate emergency relief to villages which had lost nearly all of their livestock, food supplies, and shelter. Our aid often came weeks or months before larger relief agencies reached these villages.

In the weeks after the earthquake, CCF provided over $27,000 in direct relief.