Post-Earthquake Humanitarian Aid Evaluation Report


In September of 2015, CCF began the process of evaluating all of those projects with which it provided humanitarian assistance in the aftermath of the April 25th Nepal Earthquake. Now, over seven months later, this evaluation of a dozen Earthquake Relief Projects (ERPs) has been completed and has become CCF’s first Post-Earthquake Humanitarian Aid Evaluation Report. With CCF representatives Denise Attwood, Cameron Conner, Ric Conner, and Grant Gallaher, once again back in Nepal the conclusions and recommendations presented in this report are in the beginning phases of being implemented!

The purpose of this document is utilization: utilization by donors, potential donors, and the Board of Directors. Though there is no doubt that CCF has done wonderful work in the past 11 months, there are certainly areas in which we can improve! These areas go beyond just earthquake relief and include our principle guiding projects as well. Moreover, it is hoped that this evaluation will allow all those who have a stake in the work done by CCF to better understand the effectiveness of the disaster aid provided by the foundation in Nepal. This information will be used to provide greater accountability to CCF stakeholders, including aid recipients, as well as to guide future organizational actions as the relief and rebuilding processes continue.

Though time is scarce in the best of days, I ask that, in those few moments which each of us does have to spare, please think about the questions, ideas, comments, etc. that are evoked by this report. Above all else, we must continue to discuss and question the work that we hope do and how we will do it. From my own perspective, I hope that this project will guide all of us who have been touched by the work of CCF towards the all important element of conversation: the co-creative, leading force that fosters the smallest ideas out of which dreams will flourish.

I would like to thank all of you for continuing to support all of our hard work here with the Conscious Connections Foundation, and I hope that this report provides a helpful insight into what, together, we have been able to do because of this partnership.


Cameron Conner