Growing Nepal’s Leaders

CCF’s vision is to help young women pursue their dreams and inspire other young girls in Nepal. The Joy Attwood Scholarship Fund was developed to assist girls of marginalized producers of the Association for Craft Producers (ACP), interested in pursuing higher education.

Administered by the non-profit ACP in Nepal, three competitive scholarships are granted to the most outstanding scholars with the greatest need.

Many applicants have received the Power of 5 stipend which has helped them stay in school.

The Fund is named in honor of Joy Attwood, Denise Attwood’s (CCF Chair) mother, who mentored many young women around the world.


meet sanjhana

Student Success Story
2016 Joy Attwood recipient, Sanjhana is 20 and has completed the 3-year basic nursing course! Next up are her nursing license exams. Her goal is to earn a spot in the public service sector which is very competitive. Sanjhana plans on working towards a bachelor’s degree after a few years experience in the field.




Receives $1,000 towards her first year of college
$1,000 additional
for her second year
—following first year test results—


Receives $500 towards the first year of college
$500 additional
for her second year
—following first year test results—


2019 joy attwood scholarship Recipients


Sagun Rawal

“I studied science in high school and plan to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I want to be a part of this journey to help people. I’m an only child, and a little pampered, so I want to work hard to give my parents a better life in the future.

After high school, I aspire to go abroad and gain better experience and knowledge to pour back into my country. I love traveling, exploring and having fun with family and friends. As a hobby I play various games and have participated in many competitions in school.

This scholarship is a great gift to my family and it will definitely lessen the financial burden.”



Swikriti Pokharel

“Currently, I’m studying PLC nursing and plan to get my Bachelors as well. This scholarship will release the financial pressure from my parents. Previously, I was among the Power of 5 recipients and I’m very happy for that.

Besides my studies, I have participated and won in volleyball, badminton and clay work competition. In leisure, I listen to music and relax. My favorite subject is anatomy, where we learn about different muscles, skeleton system and various body parts. I have an internship that is about to begin and I’m very excited about the experience I will gain. After completion of my course I would like to go to abroad for my further studies and return back to Nepal to support my family and provide services to the people in rural areas.”



Saru Maharjan

“My father is abroad as a migrant worker and my mother looks after our family here. My mother does not show it, but she struggles to meet all our needs.

I’m studying Hotel Management and my favorite part is studying about the food chain and learning about different animals. Food and beverage are my interests. I love music, singing and movies.

Though my mother wants me to be safe and come home early, I sometimes visit my friends and we love to roam around and have fun. This scholarship will directly aid the financial stability for my studies.”