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Joy Attwood Scholarship
Past Recipients


2018 Recipients


Rasu has a passion to to improve the quality of life in Nepal with a focus on education and sound health facilities, especially in rural Nepal. She wants to be a nurse and has spent time working with and teaching physically challenged children. Her desire is to help people—women in particular—understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good personal hygiene.

A studious student since her primary level education, Rasu scored a 3.45 GPA in her Secondary Education Examination and is studying for her Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing at Alka Institute of Medical Sciences.

This scholarship will be a tremendous help to the financial burden on her family. In the future, she wants to continue her higher education abroad and bring that knowledge back and put it to work in Nepal.


Nikki Maharjan

Nikki believes the development of a country is only possible when the people are healthy. To help people live a healthy life, she wants to pursue medicine and be a doctor. She says, “If I’m able to give a healthy life to people, I will have the satisfaction of serving my nation.”

A diligent student, she scored 3.6 GPA in SEE and her family is very proud and happy. She is currently studying science in Everest Innovative College and plans to go for further studies at abroad.

She loves to stay around children so after being a successful doctor she wants to provide medical assistance free of cost for them. Besides being a doctor she wants to be a social worker and support children.


Sangam Luitel

Sangam is an ambitious girl who loves mathematics and aspires to become a Chartered Accountant. She believes that any organization will be financially sound, if the organization has expert human resources. She wants to be able to contribute in this way.

She was able to achieve 3.55 GPA in SEE and is currently, studying at Canvas International Higher Secondary School to study management. After completion of her high school she plans to join Chartered Accountant courses.

Additionally, she loves dancing an wants to serve needy people which would give her immense happiness.

2017 recipients



“I’m oldest in my family and have two siblings. When I scored a 3.2 GPA, I wasn’t satisfied. Currently, I study Management in Gyanodaya College. For higher studies, I want to go to Australia and become a Chartered Accountant. After completion of my study, I would like to return back to Nepal. Besides school, I’m also working in a marketing company as a part time sales person to support my parents. I received the Power of 5 which helped my parents pay my school fees. Receiving the secondary education scholarship will help fulfill my dream as a Chartered Accountant.”



“My father always wanted me to join the army to fulfill his dream and I always wanted to be a nurse. Hence, I want to join the army as a nurse. Currently, I study PCL nursing at the medical institute. Since the course fee is very expensive, my parents had tough times covering all my course expenses, so I am very grateful to ACP and CCF for helping me achieve my dream without bringing burden to my parents. This will always encourage me to study more diligently and sincerely.”



“I wasn’t satisfied when I scored a 3.55 GPA because I was expecting at least 3.6, but my parents were happy with my score. I currently study science in Everest College. I want to build a career in IT and become a software engineer. For my higher studies, I would like to go abroad and return back to Nepal. This scholarship it will support me to pursue my higher studies and I will be delighted to contribute my skill to ACP in the future.”

2016 Recipients


Sanjhana Shrestha

“That was my turning point. It was a big day for me, I felt like I was flying in the sky,” Sanjhana recalls when learning she had scored 89% on her School Leaving Certificate Exam. Seventeen years old, Sanjhana is studying nursing and is inspired by her brother who studies engineering. She hopes to go abroad for a higher degree in nursing to “gain some experience and return back to my motherland to serve my country.” Sanjhana enjoys chatting with her friends, surfing Facebook, reading books and watching movies. Though academically strong, Sanjhana feels that the cost of her education is a major financial burden to her family. She was also a recipient of the Power of 5.


Muna Sherpa

“When I scored 90.88% in School Leaving Certificate Exam, my parents were elated and I was delighted to bring smiles to their faces.” Seventeen and currently a student of science in Golden Gate College, Muna dreams of becoming a cardiologist to serve her village, Sindhupalchowk. Although, she is aware of the expense of studying medicine, she is not yet willing to abandon her dream. She believes that with hard work and dedication she will be able to get a scholarship. “If I get this scholarship, it will help me pursue my study for next year and it will also take me one step closer to my dream, motivate me to study more and score higher marks, too.” Muna enjoys listening to Nepali and English music and likes to dress up traditionally in kurthas. She wants to set an example for her younger brother who does not take studies seriously.


Aashma Maharjan

“I was very happy scoring a distinction in SLC. I feel I can still do better in the future and make my parents feel more proud of me.” Aashma is 16 and currently studying nursing. A natural caretaker, she has dreamed of becoming a nurse. Unlike many students her age, Aashma has no desire to go abroad to further her studies. She plans to complete her education in Nepal. “Even though I know there is huge opportunity for me abroad as a nurse, I wish to stay in Nepal and serve the people of my country which has always been my foremost goal.” In addition to receiving the Joy Attwood Scholarship, which she says motivates her to study harder, she was a recipient of the Power of 5. She loves math, reading and watching scary movies.

2015 Recipients


Heema Maharjan

“My aim is to be an engineer, but my parents can’t afford to help me complete my education. I will always work hard to be an engineer. My parents are uneducated, so my father doesn’t care about my education or understand how important it is. He did not give money for my education. So I will do my best and show to my father. My mother helps me so much and I will never forget that.”