2019 Joy Attwood College Scholarships have been awarded!

Saru Maharjan

Saru Maharjan

This is so exciting to see these young women heading on to college in Nepal! 

Saru Maharjan is one of the 3 scholars chosen. Here is a bit of her story! 

My father is abroad and works as a migrant worker and my mother looks after our family here. My mother does not show but, she struggles to meet all our needs. She is strict but works very hard for us. I see my mother weaving. Despite liking how she weaves and my interests in it, I feel scared to try it as it might go wrong. 

At present I am studying Hotel Management and my favorite part is to study about the food chain and to know about different animals. My interest is in food and beverage. I love music and to sing. I am a big fan of movies.

From childhood I dreamt to be a play back singer for Nepali movies. But as a carrier plan I chose to study hotel management as my field of interest too.

Though my mother wants me to be safe and come home early, I sometime visit my friends and we love to roam around and have fun. I am so grateful to be selected as one of your recipients because this will directly aid towards financial stability for my studies.