Nova Himalayan Megaquake Documentary

NOVA aired a really well-done documentary on the 2015 Nepal earthquake tonight which I would highly recommend checking out!


Cameron and I were watching it together and were shocked to find that they had filmed in one of the exact places that we had trekked through in October! Around 21:17, there are several shots of a GPS station/earthquake sensor surrounded by a wooden fence. As we were hiking out of the 10,000 ft village of Nagthali, we walked past that exact station (the sudden appearance of technology stood out compared to the pristine mountains around us). There are even GPS coordinates in the segment that take you directly to Nagthali! So cool and serendipitous to see that!

There is also a segment talking about earthquake resistant building which features Randolph Langenbach, a man who we have been in contact with about “Gabion Band” technology for building homes.

Check this documentary out if you get the chance!