Following the 2015 earthquake…

Asked about the most pressing concern following this disaster, the community of Ghatbesi did not request aid, or even assistance rebuilding their own homes, but instead for support in the reconstruction of their local school.

The community believed education was the best way to return normality to the lives of their children in the midst of chaos.


Primary School Rebuild

In January of 2016, CCF partnered with many Rotary Clubs throughout Spokane, Washington and began raising money to rebuild Ghatbesi’s local primary school.

Construction began in February and less than three months later, right in time for the new school year, the brand new schoolhouse reopened its doors!



To encourage the community’s emphasis on education while empowering traditionally marginalized communities, CCF’s work continues in these areas:


The Ghat Besi girls college scholarship

Seeking to cultivate further opportunities for girls education, CCF works with the Ghatbesi secondary school to provide all girls graduating 10th grade with a scholarship to attend high school.


Teacher assistance

Prior to the earthquake, the villagers of Ghatbesi had a community based funding program to pay for two teachers. After the disaster, this was no longer feasible.

CCF is funding the program until the community is able to take up this responsibility again.


Ghatbesi numbers

The Ghat Besi Public Primary School

Number of Students: 82

Grades: Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Girl’s high school Scholarship

Number of Scholarship Recipients: 27

Teacher Assistance

Number of Teachers: 4
(2 paid by the government, 2 hired and supported by CCF + other donors)


impact + a sustainable future

Ghatbesi was one of the first communities in the area to rebuild their school—in an earthquake-resistant way. CCF believes the Ghatbesi Primary School and the community’s emphasis on girl’s education can serve as an example to neighboring villages and will inspire others to follow the model they’ve set forward.

Through engaged leadership and on-the-ground feedback, CCF and the community of Ghatbesi have forged a strong relationship ensuring program growth and continuity for many years to come.