The mission of Conscious Connections Foundation is to facilitate the advancement of marginalized individuals in Nepal by promoting access to education, healthcare, skills development, and facilities improvement so they can create strong, vibrant, economically viable communities. And to educate North Americans on their ability to positively impact these individuals lives with direct donations. 

HOW we work

  1. We fundraise for educational scholarships to help poor families in Nepal keep their children in school. This money is distributed in Nepal to facilitate all levels of education for children of marginalized families. A goal of this foundation is to give children a chance at an education that they may not otherwise have access to. Money is raised through educational fundraising events, donations for printed materials, and other methods.

  2. We fundraise to provide access to primary healthcare in rural parts of Nepal where there would otherwise be limited opportunity for treatment. Funds are generated through an educational fundraising page and through local educational presentations.

  3. We engage in activities which educate donors about the importance of providing education, healthcare, and economic opportunities to marginalized communities and individuals worldwide. The means of fundraising to provide such education to the general public includes, but is not limited to, hosting fundraising events with educational content, creating educational printed materials for distribution, writing and distributing stories for newsletters, and organizing public presentations on these issues.